The Canadian Home Warranty Council is the proud host of the International Housing and Home Warranty Conference in 2014.  Members include representatives of warranty providers from across Canada. Through the conference, our goal is to promote the benefits of construction guarantees and warranties at an international level. The IHHWC brings together new home warranty bodies from across the world to:

  • Provide a forum for warranty organizations to establish contact and build international relationships
  • Exchange policy information on respective warranty markets
  • Share market and business intelligence
  • Provide a portal for information, research and policy updates on housing and home warranty issues around the world

Every three years, members of the IHHWA meet in key international locations to listen, learn and share best business practices and experience.

The September 2014 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, will bring together hundreds of high-profile delegates and decision-makers from around the world.

The organization last met in conference in South Africa in 2011.